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HistoTracฎ is the HLA Laboratory Management Software System designed to provide a complete and seamless management solution for your laboratory. From the time the sample arrives in the lab until the result is reported, the process is handled in a single database.

HistoTracฎ allows your laboratory to be a central part of the information-sharing network at your institution, consolidating into one repository all the information within the lab while sharing information outside the lab.

What is HistoTrac?

• Microsoft Windows-based software with customizable features
• Modular software specifically designed for HLA laboratories of all kinds
• Patient/donor database with a query tool
• Single database for integration of all reagent vendor testing results
• Sample and test tracking tool
• Workflow manager
• Inventory system for sera, DNA, cell, and reagents
• Billing system with file export function
• Reporting tool

Who needs HistoTrac?

HLA Labs with:
• An existing in-house database, either Access or other databases that are not adequately secure to meet HIPAA regulations.
• Reporting from Word templates or spreadsheets
• Non-current database technology
• Multiple data storage systems whether electronic or manual

HLA labs that perform the following:
• Solid Organ testing that requires managing data for sharing with UNOS or with a clinical transplant data system.
• Molecular typing that uses NMDP codes for non-high resolution testing
• Bone Marrow patient testing for selection of a donor, either related or unrelated
• Contract work for other centers
• Histocompatibility-related testing such as cell surface markers, infectious disease testing for donors, post transplant monitoring, immunosuppressant drug testing, KIR gene testing, and engraftment studies

HLA labs that need to:
• Send electronic data to a client
• Update the Hospital on-line patient medical record
• Send a billing file to administration
• Report large volumes of test results automatically
• Include other clinical data on the HistoTrac patient record
• Set up User-defined test codes for research projects
• Import patient data from an HIS or LIS
• Bring orders requested remotely into the lab system

How does HistoTrac fit into your information environment?

• Replaces existing database(s), Word templates, spreadsheets, and paper logs.
• Maintains continuity of patient data through conversion to HistoTrac of all electronic data.
• Sends/receives information with Hospital, Laboratory, and Transplant program systems using HL7-formatted messages.
• Provides access to all your data from remote locations, either by employees or clients, using HistoTrac on the Web or other secure means.
• Shares information bi-directionally with other testing software, either through interface or file exchange.
• Uses electronic signature and automated, scheduled reporting.

How can HistoTrac help your laboratory perform to high standards?

Using HistoTrac you will be able to:
• Reduce errors with single data entry for all data handling and laboratory management functions.
• Improve and monitor TAT with a workflow manager.
• Save data entry time with reagent vendor software interfaces to export/import test data.
• Speed the response time for answering client questions with a single database for all your patients’ data.
• Manage your billing requirements with user-defined tests and billing codes.
• Provide your clients with reports designed to your specifications.
• Provide a query tool with export capability to answer all your questions.
• Maintain your patients’ data in a secure database using professionally developed, reliable software.
• Provide access to patient data while remote from the lab.

Do you need more information?

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• Review System Specifications
• Print the brochures available from the Brochures/Literature
• Set up an appointment for a demo.
• Contact a sales representative.